Psalm 104:18 (ESV)

18 The high mountains are for the wild goats; the rocks are a refuge for the rock badgers.

The high mountains are created by the Lord for the wild goats; the holes in the rocks are for the badgers.

The Nubian ibex [ESV: wild goats] is a muscular animal, which is particularly striking with its large saber-like horns. That impressive head was therefore chosen as a symbol for the Israeli nature conservation organization. All sorts of ibexes are dexterous and strong mountain dwellers. These animals climb the steepest mountain walls with unimaginable ease.1 We read in the Bible about this beautiful goat in, for example, 1 Samuel 24:1–2. They lived in large numbers in the wilderness of Engedi in those days, and on a trip through Israel one may see an imposing wild goat or two.

Today, the rock badger still lives in the rocky mountain area by the Jordan valley. He is a well-known four-legged animal throughout all of Africa. The relatively small animal, not much bigger than a hare, is a much-liked prey for birds of prey. But because of his vigilance and agility to quickly hide in a rock crevice, he often escapes from his attackers.

The wild goat, as well as the rock badger have received a fitting place to live from the Lord according to their nature. The ibex is at home in the high mountains, and the badger knows how to find safety in the cliffs of the rock (compare with Proverbs 30:26).