1. 1 Samuel 10:17–27 (ESV)
  2. Sermon suggestions

Sermon outline for 1 Samuel 10:17–27

1 Samuel 10:17–27 (ESV)

17 Now Samuel called the people together to the LORD at Mizpah.

  • Introduction

    Talk about how we can sometimes give in to someone’s demands in order to teach them a lesson. Alternatively, consider how patterns and examples can help us to recognize the real thing. For example, if we have never seen a car before, then a picture or a model will help us to recognize a car when we see it. In the same way, the pattern of Saul’s ordination and revelation helps us to recognize the true Messiah.

  • The Lord gives Saul to discipline his people

    • Explain: what is the context in which Saul is given to Israel as a king? Briefly consider 1 Samuel 8:1–22 as well as 1 Samuel 9:1 – 10:16.

    • Explain: what was the atmosphere like at Mizpah? Try to help people get a sense of the excitement and anticipation. It was a big event for Israel.

    • Explain: what are the three warning lights that would be a matter of concern to a godly Israelite?

    • Explain: what kind of king is Saul? What will be his ultimate purpose?

  • The Lord gives Saul as a pattern to prepare them for the true Messiah

    • Explain: how is Saul a pattern of the true Messiah? Consider the fact that he is chosen, equipped, and ruled by God.

    • Explain: how does the fear of the Lord serve to distinguish the true King from the temporary king?

    • Explain/Apply: what are the two reactions to God’s king? What does it mean to adore Jesus Christ?

  • Prayer of response

    Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for sending us a true King who is chosen, equipped, and ruled by you. Truly our Lord Jesus Christ is beautiful and worthy of all worship and adoration, for he is the king who humbled himself to death for our sake so that we can look forward to life in your presence.

    Thank you for showing us ahead of time what kind of king we need, and please help us by your Spirit to follow Jesus wherever he calls us to go. May we look to him for comfort and peace, confident that whatever our circumstances and suffering may be in this life, you will provide for us and our future in glory is safe and secure.