1. Application

Science and Religion

Genesis 11:1–9 (ESV)

1 Now the whole earth had one language and the same words.

“Genesis 11 is inviting us to reflect on the meaning of human community, human achievement, human pride from the vantage point of God’s purposes for human well-being, and God’s judgment against yet another human attempt to cross from ‘man’s place’ to God’s.”1

  • We are living in an age of advanced technology. Even in the remotest areas people have smartphones.

  • Dependence on technological solutions might enhance the idea that we are independent of God, or one step further, that God will become redundant.

Science, politics, and technology are not bad if they are used to the glory of God and the well being of societies and individuals.

  • Science tries to understand creation and makes all kinds of discoveries. But as soon as scientists say that they do not need God as an explanation for the existence of this world, science will change into a substitute religion (scientism) and will try to cross the God-given boundaries.

  • God has given man the mind, the skills, and the power to make use of this creation, his creation. By working together, man can achieve many things. Being created in the image of God means that man is creative, just like his Creator. And indeed man is very creative in his thinking and discovery of solutions for all kinds of problems. Man is also creative when it comes to the arts, such as music, literature, dance, architecture, etc. There is a lot of technology which is beneficial to man.

    • But history has also shown the destructive power of technology; for example, military technology and the atomic bomb, which have caused the death of millions of innocent people.