1. Structure and outline

The structure and outline of Ezra 10


Ezra 10:1–44 continues the narrative from Ezra 9:1–15 by telling us what happened in the days and months after Ezra's prayer. From the crowd that has gathered to listen to Ezra, a man called Shecaniah makes a proposal regarding what must now be done by the people (Ezra 10:1–5). All those present take an oath just as he suggested (Ezra 10:5–6), and a proclamation is made in the areas around Jerusalem to call the rest of the people to a special gathering (Ezra 10:7–8). Once everyone is present (Ezra 10:9), Ezra speaks to the people (?). In response, all agree to do as Ezra instructed them (?) and they make practical plans to implement his instructions (?). Though there are some folk who disagree (?), the plan is adhered to (?) and all those who married pagan women are called to repentance (?).