Esther 3:9 (ESV)

9 If it please the king, let it be decreed that they be destroyed, and I will pay 10,000 talents of silver into the hands of those who have charge of the king’s business, that they may put it into the king’s treasuries.”

Haman offered his solution, this time in the respectful language of the court: If it pleases the king… To this he also added a great incentive.

Haman’s plan involved the killing of Jews by their non-Jewish neighbours, who would then be free to confiscate the Jews’ possessions for themselves. The problem with this plan was that it offered no tangible benefit to the king. Therefore, Haman offered to compensate the king from his own personal wealth. He would give ten thousand talents of silver to the royal treasury. One talent was about 43 kilograms. What Haman was offering the king amounted to roughly two-thirds of the Persian Empire’s annual income of silver! This shows Haman’s astounding wealth, as well as the intensity of his hatred for the Jews.