1. Application

Show respect for the Word

1 Kings 16:34 (ESV)

34 In his days Hiel of Bethel built Jericho. He laid its foundation at the cost of Abiram his firstborn, and set up its gates at the cost of his youngest son Segub, according to the word of the LORD, which he spoke by Joshua the son of Nun.

Man trusts in his own schemes rather than God’s Word, but the church is safeguarded from this through the living and enduring Word of God.

The Lord in his infinite wisdom was pleased to record the rebuilding of Jericho, to reinforce the living power of his Word.1 This account in 1 Kings 16:34 must therefore draw the attention of the people of the Lord in all ages. God’s word cannot be overturned; he judges sin! He fulfills his promises to curse disobedience!

Live in obedience to God’s Word. Live by faith alone, through grace alone, in accordance with the word of the LORD alone.