1. Song of Solomon 3:9–10 (ESV)
  2. Exposition

What is the carriage that King Solomon made?

Song of Solomon 3:9–10 (ESV)

9 King Solomon made himself a carriage from the wood of Lebanon.

We have already noted that the Hebrew word appiryon translated as carriage in Song of Solomon 3:9 refers not to a moveable object but rather to the royal bedroom in Solomon’s palace, and the focus in this bedroom scene is the bed (litter in Song of Solomon 3:7).

The room in view is constructed of the finest material such as the wood of Lebanon. The posts (or pillars) in the room are covered in silver.

The Hebrew word repida, translated as back (Song of Solomon 3:10), normally refers to something that has been spread out on the floor. So, in this context it most likely refers to the base or foundation of the room. This foundation or base is said to be made of gold. The structure is also said to have a purple seat. This seems to be a reference to Solomon’s throne since the colour purple is typically associated with royalty. It is not literally speaking about his throne but speaking about the room and the bed as if it were a throne.1

The image being drawn of Solomon’s bedroom is of a very luxurious, royal bedroom with the bed as the centrepiece.