1. Song of Solomon 1:8 (ESV)
  2. Exposition

Why does the young man question if she knows where to find him?

Song of Solomon 1:8 (ESV)

8 If you do not know, O most beautiful among women, follow in the tracks of the flock, and pasture your young goats beside the shepherds’ tents.

The young man’s voice is now heard for the first time in the Song. He responds to her request for directions to the place where they can meet (Song of Solomon 1:7) with a mild and even playful rebuke, You should know where to find me, if not, seek me out where the shepherds are found.1

Even as he gives a playful response to her desire to meet up with him, he also responds to her insecurity about her appearance in Song of Solomon 1:5–6. He assures her with an affirmation of her beauty. In his eyes, she is the most beautiful among women.