1 Kings 4:32–33 (ESV)

32 He also spoke 3,000 proverbs, and his songs were 1,005.

These verses give us a glimpse of the product of Solomon's wisdom. 1 Kings 4:32 speaks of the proverbs and songs for which he was responsible. A proverb is a concise saying that contains in a short space a valuable piece of wisdom. Songs are, of course, poems that are set to music. The number of proverbs and songs he produced was impressive. Some of these we find in the pages of the Old Testament, but many, especially of the songs, are no longer at our disposal.

1 Kings 4:33 tells us of Solomon’s accomplishments in the area of natural science. His interest seemed to be centred on what we would call zoology (the study of living things). Very little of this study is available except when in the proverbs Solomon uses an analogy from nature,

Given the fact that Solomon’s wisdom in this area of his interest was given to him by God, we are reminded that the Lord is not indifferent to these kinds of pursuits. It also reminds us that scientific investigation ought to be done under the umbrella of God’s creation.