1. Joshua 6:16 (ESV)
  2. Exposition

What was the meaning of the shouting after the seventh time of marching on the seventh day?

Joshua 6:16 (ESV)

16 And at the seventh time, when the priests had blown the trumpets, Joshua said to the people, “Shout, for the LORD has given you the city.

The shouting of the people has a double meaning. It refers to a call to battle in war (Jeremiah 20:16; Amos 1:14; Amos 2:2; Zephaniah 1:16; Numbers 23:21; Numbers 31:6) and to the shout of religious joy (1 Samuel 1:5 – 31:6; 2 Samuel 6:15; Ezra 3:11–13; Psalm 33:3).1