1. Joshua 2:1–24 (ESV)
  2. Application

Faith known by its fruits

Joshua 2:1–24 (ESV)

1 And Joshua the son of Nun sent two men secretly from Shittim as spies, saying, “Go, view the land, especially Jericho.” And they went and came into the house of a prostitute whose name was Rahab and lodged there.

True faith is not a hand-me-down we receive from our parents. True faith is not some one-time religious experience we’ve had in the past. True faith is not just knowledge of some facts about God; even the demons know that God is one and they shudder (James 2:19).

From Rahab’s example we see that true faith involves more than consent to God's truth and a knowledge of what God has done. It involves actions. This is also the truth taught in James 2:25.